Modular homes

Modular homes are cost-effective alternatives to traditional brick and mortar houses. They generally take a fraction of the time to build as regular housing and are customizable.

What are Modular Homes?

A modular home differs from a traditionally constructed home in that it is built offsite, inside a factory setting. Despite the assembly mode, North Carolina Modular Homes don’t share the same building codes as mobile homes. They use the same codes as on-site construction.

How are Modular Homes Different
from Homes Built Onsite?

As our NC Modular Homes are mainly built offsite (80-85% of the structure) by a North Carolina Custom Builder, they aren’t held up by weather conditions and other external complications. This means our North Carolina Custom Homes can be constructed faster than regular builds.

How Do We Assemble
Modular Homes?

A North Carolina custom modular is built in sections in a temperature and humidity-controlled area by an expert NC Custom Builder to the homeowner’s precise specifications. Once assembled, these sections are taken to the site for construction with a crane.

Are Modular Homes More Affordable Than Site Built Houses?

Our NC Modulars can save you time and money compared to an onsite build. However, exact prices depend on the size and design of the individual home. Contact us for more information on home pricing.

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