After three years of looking for the right house and location I am finally in my home. Thank you Heather Fair for all you have done to make my first-time homebuyer experience a good one. You are fantastic! NC Custom Modulars of Asheboro has a great staff.

Ms. Vaughan

I knew we were meant to meet and meant to purchase this home from the beginning. We were actually looking for another company when we happened upon you instead. The words thank you cannot begin to encompass all that we feel about your help in obtaining our new home. The purchase of this home was truly a test for us. There were so many setbacks along the way beginning with my husband Reginald dropping the ball on information we needed to collect. Then there was the first lender who wanted us to purchase a different home. When we were able to find another lender they wanted everything from us except our first born. The final hurdle was the company switching hands and starting over with the lender. You were there with us every step of the way keeping our spirits up and offering any and all of the help you could lend. Even when I wanted to purchase the home as is you were able to work with your superiors to work out a satisfactory cost for the furnishings.

The true test though comes when all of the papers have been signed and the home is yours. Often times your sales person disappears from earth but not you Heather. We had some issues that needed to be resolved and you took care of everything we asked in a very timely manner. We really appreciated that.

When I think about the purchase of our home I don’t just think we got a great deal and the opportunity to work with an awesome saleswoman, I think we were afforded the opportunity to make a new friend. It’s been great working with you and I look forward to talking with you in the years to come.

Joan Williams

Jon and I want to thank you all for all the work that y’all put forth to be able to get us into our new home. It was a long and tendious road from start to finish, through no fault of ours or yours. The battles we all had to face just for us to be where we are now were definitely something else. But the best part is you guys never gave up. The house, the land, the furniture, and even the selling of our old singlewide…you stuck with us through it all. Crystal I want to thank you so much for all the encouragement you continuously offered when everything seemed to be heading downhill or just came to a complete stop for a time. I thank you for fighting for the land I “just had to have” or I wouldn ‘t go through the process at all.

Just to walk in and see you smile knowing that you genuinely cared enough to not only give me, an extremely picky person, exactly what I wanted, but to also just listen as I complained about the various aspects of the home buying process. Heather I want to thank you for all you did, especially when it came to fighting most of the battles with our lender’s “lovely” go-to person. Had I had to fight THAT battle alone, I probably wouldn’t be in my house right now….Thank you for ALL the things you did to help us to finally get where we are. And last but not least, Carl. I thank you for seeing the construction through, and making sure our new neighbors were still kept somewhat happy as well.

I came in weekly just to check in and see if there was any new information, or to give you information that I had that you didn’t yet. I’ll never forget the day I came in and was told that y’all didn’t know anything yet, but I told you I had been called to come in and sign papers…let’s just say the earplugs were needed. Y’all were as excited as I was. I thought for sure y’all would get tired of seeing me every week and having my youngest run back and forth through your office, but I can honestly say that as I look back over the whole experience I have gained much more that just a new home to raise my family in, we gained friends. Thanks so much for all y’all did….I hope I NEVER have to move again.

Jon, Jen, Jonathan, and Joshua Watson

The week between Christmas 2010 and New Year’s 2011 bought us the beginning of our experience with NC Custom Modulars. (Actually, at this time the company had a different name and was under different management as it is now.) On December 28, 2010, my husband and I decided to take a break from our stay at home vacation to go for a drive and headed toward Asheboro, with no particular place to go. I don’t remember why we headed that way, but I am sure glad we did. For several years we had been “window shopping” at any home lot within driving distance while mentally taking apart pieces of each home to create our dream house. On this particular day were not out specifically looking, much less did we have any intentions of starting this process. As we drove upon the home lot, we seen a beautiful home right on the road and we decided to stop in and look. They had several different home styles, including a log home, one story homes and the one two story house. When we walked through this home, my husband and I both loved it. We both felt at home in it. We spent some time talking with a salesperson, (who is no longer with the company), and he explained to us what we needed to do to get into this home. He told us that if we put down a deposit, it would “hold” the home for us while we worked on the financial part of the process. At first, we were leery of handing over money and then losing it if we changed our mind. He explained to us that we would get a signed receipt that guaranteed a full refund of our money if we changed our minds. (This is still in place there and they will stick to it. At one point, we got cold feet and almost backed out. They were ready to hand us a full refund that same day, without trying to talk us out of it. I sure am happy we decided to continue.) Needless to say, when we left we had put down a deposit on this gorgeous house.

It has been a long process, but we closed on our home on Monday, May 09, 2011. It took us a little longer for us to complete our home that it normally would (but it was well worth it) because throughout our relationship with the company, it went through a complete transformation, gaining a new name, NC Custom Modulars, and great new management, Heather Fair. Staying with NC Custom Modulars from the former company were, Carl, the company’s contractor and a salesperson, who I can honestly say has become a friend through all of this, Crystal Rothstein. My husband and I felt at ease with Heather taking charge and handling our pruchase and Carl taking the lead with the actual set up of the home. Crystal was awesome at dealing with our day to day concerns and making us feel comfortable with our purchase. They easily took this transformation and ran with it, which you will see if you ever get a chance to see their wall size list of pending sales. I personally feel like I drove these three people crazy for the last several months, although none of them will admit it. If I was not calling everyday with questions or concerns, I was emailing them. I would call them throughout the set-up of our home with concerns and one of the three of them immediately took care of each and every issue promptly and sufficiently. (I am going to really miss talking to them on a daily basis.) Heather, Crystal and Carl honestly care about their customers and want to help them get into the home they have always dreamed of.

As I said before, my husband and I, had looked at more homes that I can remember and dealt with several salespeople before purchasing from NC Custom Modulars. We encountered all sorts, from those not wanting to tell us the cost of a home until they knew how much we could borrow, to those who just wanted to push any home on us just to make a sell. NC Custom Modulars never tried to push us into any contracts or try to sell us something we could not afford. We truly could not have bought the same size home, with the same quality, for the same amount of money- and I am talking about the home, set-up costs and home improvements.

If anyone is thinking about purchasing a home or if you are ready to sign some contracts, my husband and I, both, highly recommend you call Crystal at NC Custom Modulars (or better yet, just go by and see her in person and take a look at their homes) and let her help you fulfill your quest of pruchasing you dream home. I believe that there are many others who would tell you the same thing, as the honesty and integrity will speak for its self once you visit her at NC Custom Modulars.

Steve and Hope Hinson