You get peace of mind when you go modular.

The decision to build a new home is often accompanied by a feeling of excitement. You start to imagine how your daily routine will unfold in your new abode and all of the entertaining possibilities for get-togethers with your family and friends.

Unfortunately, the typical setbacks that accompany traditional site-built homes, like delays caused by weather, unreliable labor and material shortages to name a few, can turn that feeling of excitement into frustration. What traditional construction companies don’t want you to know is that modular home construction companies, like North Carolina Custom Modulars, are industry leaders when it comes to efficiency, Green construction and healthy living environments.

The modular home industry has new home construction down to a science. Due to the nature of the industry, your new home can be completed in nearly half the time it takes to build a site-built home because the home construction and on-site foundation work can be done simultaneously. But the advantages don’t stop there.

Factory built homes offer much more than speed. Because many homes are being built at the same time, and in the same place, manufactures are able to cut out the middleman by buying large quantities of needed materials direct from the source. What this means for you is big savings in time and money. You won’t be waiting around for a shipment of lumber to come in, and you won’t be paying for more than you need.

Green Construction
Modular home construction is an inherently more environmentally friendly construction process than traditional site-built construction. Because the majority of the home is built in another location, on site disturbance, like piles of building material and litter, is kept to a minimal. There is also a drastic cut in material waste due to the effective recycling practices that take place in most factories.

Because your modular home will have to travel to its final destination, it is built to standards that meet, and often exceed, local and state codes with the added bonus of being better insulated than site-built homes. You can also chose an Energy Star® labeled home from one of our four manufacturers for a truly high-performance energy efficient home.

Now that you know your new modular home is more efficient and ecofriendly than the traditional site-built home, you should know that it is healthier too! Again, it goes back to the fact that your modular home is built in a factory.

The factory settings that modular homes are built in are constantly monitored by supervisors and independent inspectors, ensuring that all building codes are met and that a strict standard is maintained. Because all building materials are stored indoors, which is also where all construction takes place, environmental threats like sun damage, mold, mildew and rust are all but eliminated. This means that the air quality in your new modular home far exceeds the air quality in a traditional site-built home. Now that’s news that we can all breath easy about.

The North Carolina Custom Modulars’ family has over 20 years of combined experience in the housing industry. Our mission is to be committed to our customers by helping you successfully plan, design, and construct your new modular home making for a stellar home buying experience because your dream is our dream.