The truth about modular homes.

Modular homes have long gotten a bad, and unwarranted, rap. The most common misconception is that they are mobile homes, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Modular homes are actually an industry leader in cost, strength and beauty among many other qualities. They typically hold their market value as well, if not better than, traditionally built homes, withstand high-wind storms better and once built, are undetectable from conventionally built homes. It’s no wonder that savvy consumers are more often going modular these days.

When you buy modular, you save. It’s as simple as that! Here at North Carolina Custom Modulars we carry four of the leading builders in modular construction: Champion, Holmes Building Systems, The Commodore Corporation and Ritz-Craft Corporation.

Because these are large, well established, companies, they are able to buy building materials direct from the manufactures at reduced prices, passing the savings directly on to you, the customer.

Modular homes are built to state and local building codes but generally use 20% more lumber, providing a much stronger frame. They also use screws and glue in the joints rather than relying on the straight nails that you find in traditional construction, adding to the strength and durability of your modular home.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency commissioned a study focusing on how different types of houses stood up to Hurricane Andrew. The study found that, “Overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing developments. The module-to-module combination of the units appears to have provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing.”

 This kind of durability is extremely important for residents living in the Southeastern United States due to the frequency of high-wind storms.

Today’s modular homes boast a variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. With hundreds of award winning floorplans, and the ability to create your own one-of-a-kind living space, we will turn the home of your dreams into reality.

Our staff of professionals, here at North Carolina Custom Modulars, are dedicated to working closely with our customers so that you receive the individualized attention you deserve. Your home design consultant will help you choose from multiple décor packages, truly customizing your home from the inside out.

The North Carolina Custom Modulars’ family has over 20 years of combined experience in the construction industry. Our mission is to be committed to our customers by helping you successfully plan, design, and construct your new modular home making for a stellar home buying experience because your dream is our dream.